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East Coast vs. West Coast: Which is the best Oyster Coast?

East Coast vs. West Coast: Which is the best Oyster Coast? Image

Oysters are a type of tough shelled mollusk that are extremely important to humans. Other than their ability to secrete pearls, oysters are considered to be a delicacy for many. Most of the oysters found in the United States are cultivated on the East and West coast. Depending on the location of their cultivation, there are significant differences in the flavor profiles in the oyster.

An easy way to tell the difference is by looking at the actual shell. East coast oysters have a smoother and rounder shell well West Coast oysters have a much sharper and more rigid shell. This occurs because the Pacific ocean tends to be much rougher, causing the oyster have a much tougher shell to protect it. In terms of flavor, East Coast oysters tend to be more briny while West Coast oysters tend to be sweeter.

AG oyster selection

Clockwise starting from the far left: Malpeque, Quilcene, Raspberry Point, Totten Inlet, Shigoku, Kusshi, Hurricane Island, and Blue Point

At Ocean Grill, Atlantic Grill and Blue Water Grill, our oyster selections of east coast and west coast oysters change weekly. Always on the menu is the “East Meets West” combo, where the chef will choose three east coast and three west coast oysters for you to sample. From the East Coast, our team suggests Wellfleets, Bluepoints, Salt Ponds, and Ram Islands. From the West Coast, we suggest Kumamotos, Kusshi, Raspberry Point, Goose Points and Royal Miyagi. Come in for dinner and request to try a mixed dozen of both east and west coast oysters!

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