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Perfect Day on the Upper West Side

Perfect Day on the Upper West Side Image

The Upper West Side is your destination for exploring everything stretching from Central Park to the Hudson River. Spanning across West 59th Street and 116th Street, the Upper West Side has much to offer and we’ve got you covered with the best things to do while you are in the neighborhood. See below our favorite restaurants & bakeries, must-see destinations and the best places to shop!

First, let’s appreciate the beauty of Central Park. The iconic park in the middle of our buzzing city is a small escape to our own little slice of the countryside, away from all the commotion and busyness of Manhattan streets. If strolling through on foot isn’t the relaxation you had in mind, visitors are able to take horse and carriage rides, row boats on the lake, or take a pedi-cab tour. You can truly spend all day here without getting bored and if you start to get hungry, pick up a hot dog at one of the infamous hot dog stands that are scattered all around the park. Go ahead, embrace your inner New Yorker.  

If walking through the park counted as your physical activity today, head on over to Magnolia’s Bakery, located on 200 Columbus Avenue at 69th Street, and reward yourself with something sweet. We recommend going straight for the cupcakes. Plus, Sex and the City lovers will appreciate that Carrie Bradshaw has indulged in Magnolia’s cupcakes in this very spot.  

While we’re on the topic of Carrie Bradshaw, shopping should be another point of destination on your day in the Upper West Side. The streets of New York are packed with boutiques, brand name stores, and even a shopping center, the Time Warner Mall, which is located on 10 Columbus Circle.  It’s glass exterior gives it a modern feel, and if you make your way up to the second and third floor, you’ll be greeted with an amazing view! The mall houses stores such as Bebe, Armani Exchange, Lucky Brand, Michael Kors, The Art of Shaving, Williams-Sonoma and more, whether you are on the hunt for something new or just browsing.  

Shopping (or even window shopping) can work up an appetite. Let your last stop of the night be Atlantic Grill near Lincoln Center. Our fresh and locally caught seafood and relaxed atmosphere is a great way to unwind from the busy day. From sushi to oysters from the East or West Coast, we’ll get that seafood craving taken care of. And don’t forget to to make room for dessert!

Exploring Central Park, munching on a NYC hot dog, satisfying your sweet tooth at Magnolia’s, shopping in the Upper West Side streets, taking in beautiful views, and treating yourself to a seafood dinner – it seems like your day is all set. Take in all the Upper West Side has to offer, and we hope to see you in the neighborhood!

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